1.Project Through theatrical and musical creativity - to social adaptation and improvement of children in the Social Home for Children "Ml. Antonov" in Totleben, Pleven region

2. Projects for Renovation of the roof and second-floor of the School (former Logopaedic school) in Totleben village, Pordim municipality, Pleven region

3. The project for “Children's day center in Totleben village, region Pleven for children from 3 to 18 years old with multitude and light damages on the basis of the former Logopedic school”, including repair, equipment and activities

4. The project for restoration of the former Logopedic School restoring as a Private Secondary School with programs for professional education and logopedic work for children, who need it, submitted to the Ministry of education and science of Bulgaria and in the Regional Inspectorate for education in Pleven

5. The project for development of a “WEB School – a first step for e-school”. The project foresees a WEB site for on-line management of the schools and aims to be applied in Totleben village, region Pleven, thus helping to the revival of the former Logopedic school according modern tendencies in the education.

6. The project for Restoration of the sports and gymnastic hall and the sports ground of the former Logopedic School and of the Social Home for Children in Totleben, submitted in the State Agency for Youth and Sport in Pleven

As well as our continuing activities for foods, clothes, medicine, school equipment, school and training aids and resources collection for the revival of the former Logopaedic School and Social Home for Children in Totleben.


Фондация 'Младен и Мария Антонови'