Teachers and Pupils

The boarding school in Totleben village has produced much qualified personnel with rich professional experience. The school was built with the great help of the Department of Information and Teacher’s Qualification of The University of Sofia “St.Climent Ohridski” through periodically conducted speech treatment courses for teacher’s qualification, organized by the Ministry of Education.

The School offered a lot of extracurricular and activities of a circle. The musical activities especially – brass orchestra, vocal and pop groups, which had a lot of regional and national awards.

It was favourably impressed that the teachers has their own appearance through their vocal and folk dancing groups.


The morning gymnastics was performed with school brass orchestra accompaniment and bulgarian folk dances were danced by the pupils in the school yard.

Primary Language-Therapy (Logopaedic) school – Artistic self-activities
Groups Prizes
Brass orchestra 1983/1984 - 1st place – prize of the Country Counsel of СО
Vocal group  
Children theatrical group  
Children pop group  
Teachers’ theatrical group  
Club “Scientific-Technical Work of Youths” Club “Excellent student”, 1983/1984 г.
Sport, tourism  


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