Village of Totleben is in North-Central Bulgaria. It is part of Pordim Municipality, Pleven District.
Quick facts about Village of Totleben:
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Тотлебен
Location: North-Central Bulgaria
Distance to capital city: 154.433 km from Sofia
Latitude: 43.433N
Longitude: 24.917E
Altitude: 50 - 99m above sea level
Province: Pleven District
Municipality: Pordim Minicipality
Area size of Village of Totleben: 32.628 km2
Population of Village of Totleben: 795 inhabitants (to 01/01/2006)
Post code (ZIP) of Village of Totleben: 5899
Phone code of Village of Totleben: 06510 from Bulgaria, 003596510 from outside.



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