The original Primary Logopedic Boarding-School was built in 25th August 1962 with a decision of the Executive Committee of the Community Counsel in Pleven. It was the first and an undeniable leader among all logopedic schools in the country, a base of the Sofia University ”St. Climent Ohridski”, as well as of the South-West University in Blagoevgrad. The Boarding-School boasted with its correction work in speech faults and in producing specialist with rich professional experience. For a pity, the Primary Logopedic Boarding-School was lowered to Elementary school in 1998 and finally closed in 2002.


Now there is a Home of children deprived of parental care, which is the only place in the whole Pleven region, where children from problem families are accommodated.


Фондация 'Младен и Мария Антонови'