Built and opened in 1980 the main building of the Primary Language Therapy (Logopedic) Boarding-School is one of the last built school buildings in the country. Its campus is a modern base – school complex with a specialized Logopedic children garden, two boarding-schools, and one-floor building for the elementary classes and the main three-floor-building of the former Logopedic Boarding-School. The Boarding-School sat in a wide, cozy building, built in an ecologically clear area with excellent communication with the main town Pleven and with the other centers in the region. The Primary Logopedic Boarding-School has an excellent base with cabinets for individual language therapy as well as geography, biology, chemistry, physics, foreign languages laboratories, imitative fine arts, cinema and sports hall, a rich library, mechanical and woodtuming workshops.



Primary Language-therapy (Logopaedic) Boarding - School –BASE
Year School Board
1962 At first the school classes are taken at the Primary Boarding-school “Kiril and Metodij” in Totleben For bedrooms are used the given by the local community house rooms
1966/1967 The additional Storey upon the dining-room is completed - one Boarding House for the children For the additional Storey upon the dining-room the staff of the school has made 80 000 bricks
  Specialized Logopaedic Children Garden 5 groups in 1987
1980 The new 3-storey school building of the Primary Logopedic School with 50 classrooms is opened The staff – teachers and pupils help at its construction actively


Фондация 'Младен и Мария Антонови'